2023 Scholarship Winner

Marshall Davis

Western Wayne High School

The Lackawaxen River Conservancy is pleased to Marshall Davis of Western Wayne High School the 2023 winner of the Lackawaxen River Conservancy Scholarship.  He received his award at Senior Night on June 3rd, 2023.  Marshall will attend Bloomsburg University where he will major in Environmental Geoscience and minor in Soil Science.  He will be preparing for a career in land and resource management. 

An issue of great concern to Marshall is the spread of the Woolly Adelgid and the serious threat it poses to the Eastern Hemlock.  As Marshall states it, “The Woolly Adelgid isn’t just wiping out any old species of tree.  It’s wiping out the Pennsylvania state tree — a tree species that has been native to this area for thousands if not millions of years.”  Unfortunately, the only effective way to save the trees is through chemical treatments that are difficult to implement.

 Marshall is an outstanding student.  He has taken a highly demanding program that included six Advanced Placement classes.  His guidance counselor describes him as a student who is never satisfied with “good enough” and always does things with the utmost integrity.

Extracurricular activities have been an important aspect of Marshall’s high school career.  He participated in Envirothon for three summers.  He was selected for Lackawanna Leads – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.  This prestigious organization selected Marshall because of his academic prowess, leadership ability and outstanding character.  He attained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts and donated countless hours to improve the ecosystem in his community.  He was a starting defender on the varsity soccer team where he participated for four years.  He also played unified track and field for three years.  Marshall excels athletically as well as academically.  


 Marshall has been an outstanding asset to Western Wayne High School and to his community.  His concern for the conservation of our nation’s resources has guided his career choice as well as his high school program and activities.  It is a cause for optimism that Marshall and other like-minded young people are committed to the protection of our planet.