Our Mission

Protection and preservation of the Lackawaxen River, its wildlife, watershed and natural beauty.

The Lackawaxen River Conservancy is a cohesive group of local residents who have joined together and are committed to a common purpose. TLRC was formed in summer 2001 by residents living in the Pike County portion of the Lackawaxen River drainage area.

Our Goals

  • Promote community awareness and understanding of the ecological importance of the Lackawaxen River’s natural environment.
  • Encourage an enlightened stewardship to preserve, protect, and improve the natural beauty, the healthy ecosystem and the human quality of life throughout the Lackawaxen River Watershed for today and the future.
  • Provide a proactive community voice and actively participate as partners with other organizations, government entities and local residents in regional affairs, legislation, and planning issues that affect the river and the watershed.