2014 Scholarship Winner

Noah Pietraszewski

Honesdale High School

Noah graduated from Syracuse University in June 2018. After his first year at Syracuse, Noah changed his major from Environmental Engineering to Mechanical Engineering.  Today, he lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and is an aerospace engineer for Dyanetics, an aerospace and defense company.  Noah works with a team on the next generation lunar lander for NASA called the Human Landing System, which will eventually employ a re-usable spacecraft for manned missions. Yes, they’ll be recycled.  Part of his role includes that of thermal-fluids engineer.  It is part of his job to ensure that the spacecraft’s propellant is properly delivered to the thrusters and that components stay within their thermal tolerances.  In the first moon landing some renewable energy technologies, such as solar and fuel cell, were vastly improved to make the mission possible.  It is part of Noah’s job to help advance sustainable technologies in pursuit of the project’s goals.

Noah’s concern for the well-being of our planet is still very much a part of who he is.  He takes pride in recycling and drives a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to work.  He says, “I’d like to think I’m still setting a good example of what it means to be ‘environmentally conscious’.”